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 A Simple Complex Number Calculator for GTK+

 Author: SAITOH Akira

     This is a simple scientific calculator for complex numbers.
   The real part, imaginary part, absolute value, and argument of
   a complex number can be input.
     As this is a simple one, if matrix calculation is needed, a
   more scientific calculator is proper, such as Rascal or Octave.
   See the manual page for details.

- News -
   o 21 Mar. 2017: An icon for the window title bar has been added for Unix-like environment. (2.2.4)
   o 15 Mar. 2017: Changes in the clipboard handling code for the MS Win 32 environment. (2.2.3)
   o 12 Mar. 2017: An icon file has been added for the use in the MS Win 32 environment. (2.2.2)
   o 18 Jul. 2016: Some configuration files have been updated for package building in the recent software environment. (2.2.1)
   o 2 Jan. 2016: Buttons "re z" and "im z" have been added and the layout has been slightly changed. (2.2.0)
   o Slight modifications have been made so that one can make a package using recent versions of GCC and RPM without warning or error. (2.1.9)
   o The text called by Help and manuals updated. (2.1.8)
   o The inconsistency in the function Paste has been fixed: in this version, "a-ib" is regarded as "a-bi", is not regarded as "a". (2.1.7)
   o The accuracy of the calculation of the gamma function has been improved so that it returns a correct value for an input complex number with a negative real part and a very small imaginary part. (2.1.6)
   o A modification has been done so that it can be compiled with gcc-3.4.x without warning during compilation under 64-bit environments (with GTK+-2.x or with GTK+-1.2.x.) (2.1.4)
   o The "mod" function has been modified so that it works as an ordinary "mod" for real-number inputs, e.g., -3 mod 5 = 2. (2.1.3)
   o The accuracy of zcomplex library has been improved. (2.1.0)
   o The default font size is modified, conforming to recent Linux distributions. (2.0.10)

 - Manual -
   Manual Page
   Install Guide
   Mem. for Alpha 
   Manual on the Option -rc, How to Change the Color

 - Requirements -
   GTK+-1.2.x or 2.x.x and some UNIX system.

 - Japanese Page -
   Japanese Site

 This software is distributed under the GNU General Public License version 2.0.

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